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Below are our standard prices for standard services. Price per square foot shown includes standard prep, application, sealant, and cleanup.  Each project is unique, so there may be additional add-on charges for non-standard services to meet specific needs.  We are able to provide you with a virtual quote for a specific job, but a quote is not finalized until we complete a survey of the concrete to be resurfaced to verify prep work to be completed and the total square footage of the job.   Sorry for all the legal mumbo jumbo, but seems like it is something we have to do.

Standard Pricing

Standard Add Ons


Stencil Pattern

Tile Pattern

Carved Pattern

Brick Border

Decorative Border

Crack Repair

Substrate Grinding

$25.00/Square Foot (average)

$3.75/Square Foot (average)

$0.50/Square Foot (average)

$0.50/Square Foot (average)

$8.00/Linear Foot

$10.00/Linear Foot

$12.00/Linear Foot (average)

$2.50/Square Foot (average)

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More legal mumbo jumbo because I have a friend who is a lawyer and she would be mad if I didn't add this.  

Manufacturer Warranty availability is dependent on the service chosen and varies from 0 – 10 years.  We provide a limited warranty on work performed ranging from 90 days to 3 years dependent on the service chosen. Prices shown are list prices and are subject to trade discount and to change without notice. Prices may also be changed without notice due to unforeseen cost increases. We carefully check pricing and product specifications, but occasionally errors can occur, therefore we reserve the right to change both without notice. We are not responsible for customer pricing errors. Some variations between picture and product may occur. Some products listed may be non-stock items

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